Serbian Leader to Meet Russian Diplomat amid ‘Spy Video’ Scandal

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic will meet Russian ambassador Alexander Bocan Harchenko on Thursday after a video published on YouTube allegedly showed Russian diplomat Georgiy Kleban giving money to an as-yet-unknown Serbian official in Belgrade.

Serbia's Security Intelligence Agency told state broadcaster RTS on Wednesday that the video is genuine and that Kleban is a Russian intelligence officer.

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic told media earlier in the day that the authorities have ordered the Military Security Agency to examine the video.

"I spoke with President Vucic, he gave an order to the Military Security Agency to investigate the case. We do not have all the information yet, if everything turns out to be true, then it will be a serious issue and problem for us," Brnabic told Blic newspaper on Wednesday.

She called the situation "a possible spy affair in which Russian spies recruit Serbian agents".

The video was published on November 17 and is believed to be from a surveillance operation.

It shows two people exchanging bags in Belgrade, and ends with a person whose face is digitally obscured, but is described as a Serbian official, counting the money that he allegedly received.

The video was posted by a YouTube account named 'Kdjuey Lskduf' and described as "Russian Intelligence Officer Meeting Serbian Spy".

A Gmail account under the same name previously sent the same video to Serbian media.

Serbian Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin told Tanjug news agency that Vucic, as the country's supreme commander, is gathering information from all intelligence and counterintelligence services, as well from the army.

"The situation is serious," Vulin said.

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