Chrisohoidis tells occupiers of buildings to pay rent or get out

The public order ministry has ordered groups and individuals to abandon occupied buildings within 15 days.

He announced that whoever wishes to remain in buildings owned by private citizens should contact the owners to agree on the terms of rental.

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Those applying for asylum or citizens of third countries will be contacted by the ministry to be informed of how they will be moved to migrant reception facilities on the mainland.

"Those who have illegally occupied public or private buildings are being called upon to evacuate them. Those in the buildings who are asylum seekers from third countries should be informed that they will be moved to facilities on the mainland. Regarding transport, competent authorities of the Citizen's Protection Ministry will contact them. If the buildings are privately owned, the current occupiers must contact the owners to agree on a rental contract. The evacuation deadline is 15 days from the publication of this announcement in the press," the ministry's statement stated.

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