Tragedy in Cyprus: 10-Year-Old Bulgarian Girl Was Killed in a Road Accident on a Crosswalk

A 10-year-old Bulgarian died in Cyprus after being hit by a car on a crosswalk.

The tragedy took place in the Cypriot city of Paphos yesterday, around 14:00 pm-14.30pm, when the girl was crossing the zebra of Thassos Papadopoulos Blvd on her way back from school.

The girl was hit in front of the eyes of her grandfather

The child was taken to a hospital where it later died.

Media won't announce the name of the girl or the hometown of her parents at their request. The car was driven by a 70-year-old Cypriot woman who was also in a state of shock after the incident, local media reported.

About 100,000 of 650,000 licensed drivers are over 65 years of age.

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