People traffickers having field day at Evros border

As reactions to the transfer of migrants from the islands to the mainland intensify, local protests are also mounting in northern Greece over increasing arrivals from Turkey across the Evros River.
In the latest round of reactions, citizens movements from the northeastern towns of Komotini, Alexandroupoli and Didymoteicho in the region of Thrace will be staging a rally on Monday at the Kipoi crossing on the Greek-Turkish border. Organizers say the rally will also include a human chain.
According to local reports, the recent surge of migrants in the area is attributed to a rush to cross the Evros before heavy winter sets in and water levels rise.

The latest data show that in the last month alone 1,525 refugees and migrants and 72 traffickers were arrested in Thrace.

Those that do manage to cross the Greek-Turkish border, are said to move in groups of three,...

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