IMAD expects GDP growth for 2019 around the projected 2.8%

In the latest issue of The Economic Mirror publication, IMAD says that the year-on-year growth of Slovenia's GDP in the first nine months of 2019 was 2.7%, which is a significant slowdown compared to 2018, while close to its autumn projection for the whole year (2.8%).

Statistics on GDP in the third quarter of the year show a faster slowdown of investments than expected by IMAD. On the other hand, the growth of exports has slowed down in line with expectations, and the growth of private consumption is encouraging.

According to the report, the slowdown of economic growth in Slovenia's main trade partners is related to the considerable slowdown of growth of Slovenia's exports in the intermediate goods segment, in addition to the declining exports in the automotive segment.

On the other hand, economic activity in a majority of services continues to intensify...

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