Lies and half-truths

What do the Prespes agreement, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Boris Johnson have in common? They are all involved with nationalism, populism, lies, half-truths and illegality. The rallying cry for nationalist opposition to Prespes, "Macedonia is Greek," was a half-truth. Half of Macedonia is certainly Greek. The other half is Macedonian.

Turkey successfully invaded a neighboring sovereign state, Cyprus, 45 years ago, and has yet to be punished for illegal annexation. Today, further Turkish claims to Greek islands are made in defiance of binding treaties and the international law of the sea. Turkey recognizes the sea, but not the law that governs it.
All politicians tell lies and half-truths. If they told the whole truth, there would be permanent riots in the streets. But they tell them in the public interest, for "the greater good." It is when they tell lies for their own...

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