Scientists: Theatre and Art Reduce the Risk of Early Death

Scientists recommend that we go to a theatre or exhibit at least once a month after finding that it can reduce the risk of early death, BTA reported.

Other cultural activities are also helpful - singing in a choir, playing a musical instrument, or in calligraphy courses.
Scientists at the University College London examined 7,000 people over the age of 50 over a 12-year period. Volunteers who visited or participated in a cultural event once a month, found themselves at a 31 percent lower risk of dying during this period.

The study does not prove causal connection, because it is only observational. However, scientists think that theatre dinners are good for mental health.

The arts are also recommended for preventing or alleviating diseases. For example, dancing helps with post-traumatic stress disorder and relieves muscle tension. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), group knitting is also useful for socializing dementia sufferers.

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