President Iohannis: I am very excited to start my second tenure; I will be the President of all Romanians

President Klaus Iohannis on Saturday stated he is very excited to start his second term in office as the head of the state and gave assurance he will be the President of all Romanians. "I am very excited to take over today for the second time as President of Romania. I am deeply honoured by the trust the people placed in me and I accept today this huge responsibility with gratitude and with hope in Romania's future,and I want to thank our fellow citizens for their understanding of the fact that the vote is the essence of democracy and the strongest instrument at hand in showing the path we want for our country. (...) I will invest all my strength and skills in the next five years in trying to develop Romania, as I strongly believe that the destiny of Romanians relies in the great creative force of our people. I fully understand my constitutional responsibilities and I assure you that I will be the President of all Romanians," Iohannis told the two chambers of Parliament, which gathered in a plenary sitting especially for his swearing-in ceremony, for a second term in office. He added that, within the limits of his constitutional prerogatives, he will make everything in his power to build "the European Romania, the modern and strong Romania, so that the dream of many generations for which Romanians built barricades in December 1989 and the project for which they took to the streets many time to becomes reality." The head of state reminded that the achievement of the Greater Union of 1918 also meant a call for unity. "History teaches us many lessons, but maybe one of the most important of them is that, when we are dealing with difficulties that seem impossible to overcome, we must not lose hope. We must not just blame others. We must not deny our responsibilities. On the contrary, we must unite our forces and energies, as our ancestors did, because only united we can succeed!," said Iohannis, while showing that there was no great national goal that did not require sacrifices, solidarity or the involvement of most Romanians. The head of the state also showed that, three decades after the Revolution of December 1989, although the progresses made by the country are visible, "the achievements of the past 30 years don't seem to be enough, as they don't reach the level of expectations of the society and they look disappointing compared to the real potential of the country." "We must leave behind, once and forever, the slough of the endless transition period. Too many generations were already sacrificed! People are fed up, and they are right to be, of so many changes without result, which did not generate the desired results. We cannot afford to lose precious chances, valuable opportunities and a very precious time! So this is the moment of a new stage in Romania's development," he said. AGERPRES (RO - author: Florentina Peia, editor: Catalin Alexandru; EN - editor: Cristina Zaharia)

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