Romanian Crown Custodian: Greater Union, war outcome obtained with suffering, personal, national sacrifice

The Romanian Crown Custodian Margareta sent on Tuesday a message for the holiday season, urging Romanians not to forget that "The Greater Union and the war outcome were obtained with great suffering, with personal sacrifice and with national sacrifice" . "The year 2019 has looked to the past and to the future. We ended the celebration of the centennial of the Greater Union and World War I, and the young Romanian people felt inspired by the courage and devotion of King Ferdinand and Queen Maria. In the same year, we exercised for the first time in our history the presidency of the Council of the EU, unanimously appreciated in the European countries. Now, at the turn of the year, I urge you not to forget that the Greater Union and the war outcome were achieved with great suffering, with personal sacrifice and with national sacrifice. Also, do not forget that our European performance is due in particular to the hundreds of professionals working in state institutions, who work devoutly and discreetly, without being in the spotlight," said the Crown Custodian, according to a press release from the Royal House. She reminded that the Royal Family supported the cause of Romania through a number of visits to the continent and to the European neighborhood, following the path opened by King Mihai in 1997, when he made his first NATO tour. Since then, the Royal Family has paid over 350 foreign visits, carrying the major interests of Romania, added the Crown Custodian. Margareta also mentioned the social, educational, economic and cultural projects, among which the four new royal scholarships, which go equally to Bucharest and Chisinau, but also the economic and university missions in several countries and more than 50 of Romanian institutions and organizations, with a competitive activity at European level, which are under royal patronage. The Crown Custodian appeals to the Romanians not to forget those in distress, nor King Mihai, because 'Romania was always in his soul'. "I wish all Romanians in the country, in the Republic of Moldova and those away from their homeland and family Happy New Year in health, hope and peace of mind! God help us!" sends Crown Custodian Margareta.AGERPRES(RO - author: Florin Marin, editor: Andreea Rotaru; EN - author: Bogdan Gabaroi, editor: Maria Voican)

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