Greece and Turkey, from the EastMed to Libya: Unity, alliances, preparedness

At the same time that the EastMed pipeline construction agreement was being signed in Athens last Thursday, Turkey's Parliament was approving a military deployment to Libya. After signing a memorandum of cooperation with the government in Tripoli that ignores several Greek islands, including Crete, Turkey is escalating its activities in the region, while also sending "warnings" to neighboring countries.

Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay said, in fact, that Ankara will thwart any plot to exclude it from tapping the East Mediterranean's natural wealth.

Tensions in the East Mediterranean, but also in the Aegean, have been rising rapidly in recent months, bringing us to what is arguably the most dangerous point in Greek-Turkish relations since after 1974. Concern in Greece is rife, starting from the political leadership, down to the armed forces and across society....

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