China and the US to Sign the First Part of the Trade Deal on January 15th?

The Chinese delegation, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Liu He, will leave for Washington on January 13 to sign the first part of a trade deal between the two countries, according to South China Morning Post newspaper, citing its own sources.

US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter on December 31 that the first part of a trade deal with China will be signed on January 15 at the White House.

According to the newspaper, the Chinese delegation was originally due to leave early, but Beijing had to change plans after Trump wrote that he would sign an agreement with "senior officials" in China on January 15th.

Despite the fact that both sides planned to close talks on the first part of the deal in January, the paper writes, the Chinese side does not expect Trump to unilaterally announce the signing date or that he is ready to conclude a deal without considering the absence of the Chinese president's ceremony Xi Jinping.

According to newspaper sources, the Chinese delegation will be in Washington until January 16.

There is no official information about Deputy Prime Minister Liu He's visit to the United States.

On December 13, China and the United States announced that they had agreed on the text of the first part of the trade agreement. 

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