Merry Christmas, Christ is born

B92 congratulates the holiday - Christ is born!
Christmas, along with Easter, is one of the two greatest Christian holidays. It is the day when the Christian world celebrates the birth of Christ and when, according to the belief, the spirit of Jesus is omnipresent among people, bringing them peace and forgiveness.
In addition to the Serbian Orthodox Church, Christmas is also celebrated on January 7 in Russia, Georgia and Macedonia, as well as by the Patriarchate of Jerusalem and the Copts.
The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church also wished a happy holiday with the traditional greeting, "Peace from God - Christ is born."

Patriarch Irinej said that Orthodox faith has to be preserved at any cost

The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Irinej said in his Christmas message that the main message on this holiday should be that the Orthodox faith has to be preserved at any cost.
"To all our spiritual children, our suffering Serb people at home and abroad, we, their spiritual shepherds wish for our good thoughts and feelings to be plentiful and permanent in us and for our entire lives to be in God and with all the saints," the Patriarch said in the message to the faithful.
"We must not forget our Old Serbia, that is to say, our Kosovo and Metohija. We should treat that holy ground as something that is inseparable from our national being", he said, adding that "the blood of the Serb martyrs testifies to that". The Patriarch said that "the martyrs of Kosovo, Jasenovac and all other martyrs should be mentioned on this Christmas day".
Irinej said that "we all need calm and the awareness that we are associates of God". He said that no one should take part in a world of evil, passion and sin. "As Christians we have...

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