Pensions to be issued within 24 hours

The governing board of the Single Social Security Entity (EFKA) on Thursday approved its new action plan, which provides for 34.48 percent of new pension applications to be addressed within 24 hours of submission as of this June and for improving services for insured workers without their having to visit an EFKA branch in person.

This is EFKA's digital transformation plan, which is aimed at creating a new entity, e-EFKA, by the end of this year, to which the administration of the single auxiliary fund (ETEAEP) will also be passed on.

The January 2021 target is for 58.9 percent of pensions to be issued within 24 hours of the submission of applications, rising to 90 percent by June 2021.

The action plan concerns improved access to digital services without having to go to EFKA offices, the immediate issue of new pension applications, the online issue of...

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