Only Trump can influence Erdogan

Recep Tayyip Erdogan's ultimate strategic objective is a revision of international treaties which, in his opinion, unfairly keep Turkey in shackles. Turkey's strongman has referred to the "Blue Homeland" and the "borders of the heart" which, evidently, no longer coincide with the country's modern-day boundaries.
Erdogan won't listen to anyone. He will occasionally insult state leaders - including major ones, like he recently did with French President Emmanuel Macron. The only foreign leader he will listen to is Donald Trump. This is not because the two have that many things in common or because of the American president's special interest in Turkey. Rather, it's because his actions are governed by the rule of force. And this point does not just concern the military dimension.
Erdogan is convinced that the US president can, in fact, destroy Turkey's economy as he has...

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