Public Bus Fell into a Huge Hole in China, at least 6 People are Killed (PHOTOS)

A passenger bus fell into a huge hole in the Chinese city of Xinhai, the capital of Qinghai province, according to the French Central Television.

At least 6 people have died. and The incident also wounded 16 people who are in a stable condition now.

A road section in front of a hospital on the busy Nandajie Street in the city of Xining, collapsed,

A bus full of passengers fell into the hole. The crash led to explosion, the television reports.

The hole was nearly 10 meters in diameter, the Standart reported.


Six dead, more missing after gaping sinkhole swallows bus before explosion #China #breaking

— KellyBurke7 (@KellyBurke7news) January 14, 2020

At least six people were #Killed after a vast #Sinkhole opened under a #Bus idling on the side of the road in northwest #China, swallowing the vehicle and its commuters whole. Some 10 others remain missing after the accident. ...

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