Transport Minister Bode: From now on, company managers will be appointed based on competence criteria

Managers of companies subordinated to the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications (MTIC) will be appointed based on competence criteria and on the true principles of corporate governance, the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications, Lucian Bode, on Tuesday, told the social partners on the occasion of the meeting he had with them. According to a press statement of the MTIC, the working meeting with representatives of the trade union federations in the railway field was held at this Ministry's headquarters. Participating in the meeting were also the representatives of the management structures of CFR (Romanian Railway Company) Infrastructure, CFR Calatori, CFR Marfa, the Railway Reform Authority (ARF) and the specialized directorate. The discussions focused on the presentation of the economic situation recorded by the railway units subordinated to the Ministry, the aspects regarding the budgets of revenues and expenditures that will be approved, the situation of investments in the railway infrastructure and the purchase of new rolling stock. Minister Bode insisted on the need to consult the employees' representatives in the decision-making process and to strengthen the dialogue between the administration and the unions in order to identify the optimal solutions to the problems facing the railway system. "I know the problems you face, even before I became the Minister here. I know that you need money for investments, I know that you need money to improve working conditions, I know that the employees you represent are not receiving the salary they deserve. I tell you with certainty that I am your partner, as far as the law allows me to be, and I want you to come up with solutions to the problems you face. Good, bad, we analyze them and find the best solutions to the problems you've mentioned. I know that this instability in the management of companies is a problem. What I can assure you is that from now on the managers will be appointed based on the competence criteria and on the true principles of corporate governance (...) We have money for projects, we have money for development, but you need to know how to spend it," said Bode. Regarding the status of the railway staff, the head of Transport promised the railway companies that he will support them as Minister. "I know that you provide a public service for the benefit of the citizens and that is why you must respect them and do your duty as you know best, regardless of the problems existing in the railway system," Lucian Bode told those present. The Minister of Transport has stated that in the next period new meetings will be organised in which the specific aspects of each railway unit under the authority of the MTIC will be analyzed. AGERPRES (RO - editor: Oana Tilica; EN - author: Cristina Zaharia)

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