Wintertime in Ljubljana

Tree of 2019

On 28 November, a day marking the efforts of people who are taking care of trees in cities, we presented the tree of 2019 in Ljubljana. People who took part in a web survey have chosen the sycamore tree on the corner of Streliška Street and Strossmayer Street.
The sycamore, Platanus x hispanica, is exceptionally big and old. With its circumference of 596 cm and 33 metres of height it is one of the broadest trees of this species in Ljubljana and in Slovenia. It is also one of the oldest trees in the city. Because of its exceptional dimensions and indicative importance, it is protected as a natural value of national significance.


Support of Novi Sad for the ECC 2025 candidacy 

On Saturday, 23 November 2019, Mayor Zoran Janković met with Mayor Miloš Vučković in his home city Novi Sad and they signed an agreement on the...

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