Helping African scholars to spread their wings

The opportunity of traveling to Europe seemed elusive to Joseph Thukia, the child of a single-parent family in Kenya. That he'd be traveling to Greece seemed even more unlikely. Everything was new: the meat and seafood (back home his diet is mainly centered around ugali maize flour porridge), new friends and ample opportunities to go out, and writing and presenting academic papers for a completely new audience. He remembers his experience at the University of Piraeus with enthusiasm.
"They helped me understand people a lot better and become more adaptable. Every mistake made me stronger and more appreciative of others," he says.
A master's student in tourism and hospitality at Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Thukia came to Greece with the Erasmus+ program and thanks to the efforts of the Greek group WE AfriHug to provide education and skill-building opportunities to young...

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