Major shifts in the pipeline for pension calculation methods

Over 4 million workers and pensioners insured with the country's main and auxiliary social security funds (EFKA and ETEAEP) can expect to see changes and shifts in their pensions and incomes judging by the blueprint the Labor Ministry is expected to send to the General Secretariat of the government on Wednesday, before heading to Parliament.

In the meantime it is set to be put up for public consultation, while the new social security law, the "Vroutsis law" (named after the labor minister), will have replaced the clauses of the Katrougalos law deemed unconstitutional by mid-February.

The final version of the plan was sealed yesterday and concerns the new replacement rates on which the pensions will be based.

Kathimerini understands it will provide for increases for workers with over 30 years of insured labor, so that the total replacement rate will marginally...

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