Anadolu Agency reporter back in Turkey after detention in Egypt

One of Anadolu Agency's four employees detained in Egypt earlier this week has arrived back in Turkey, the agency's director said on Jan. 17.

Hilmi Balcı said he felt the support of his nation and government while being held in Egypt, expressing his gratitude to the country's president, foreign minister and communications director, as well as Anadolu Agency's Director General Şenol Kazancı, for their efforts.

"This has come to the best possible result in a short time and I have returned to my motherland," Balcı said.

On Jan. 14 evening, Egyptian police raided the Cairo office of Anadolu Agency and detained four employees, including Balcı.

The whereabouts of the remaining three remain unknown.

Turkey and the international community condemned the raid and called for the immediate release of the reporters.

Kazancı said he expects the agency's remaining employees will be released soon.

Turkey's political relations with Egypt have remained rocky since 2013, when Mohamed Morsi -- Egypt's first freely elected president and a Muslim Brotherhood leader -- was ousted in a bloody military coup.

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