Why Are Statistics Important?


If you're considering what you might like to study at college, or you're thinking of changing career later in life, and you want to achieve some additional qualifications to make this change easier, then it's advantageous to learnmore about the courses available to you.

If you're not sure of which career to begin, then it's best to choose a well-rounded subject to open up a wide amount of opportunities, and statistics is one of these topics.

It may not seem like something that will have numerous applications, but read on to see what just some of the areas statistics can be used in are.

Weather Forecasts

Those who are able to determine the weather and what it is most likely going to do in the upcoming days are not able to see into the future, they are using statistics to give the best guess as to what is going to happen.

In the past, weather forecasts were much more difficult to determine, and could often be wrong, but thanks to weather models and computer programs that use statistics at their core, weather forecasting is much more accurate, and is getting better all the time. If you think that understanding more about what the weather is going to do sounds interesting and you want to be able to predict it in your career, then a Masters in Statistics could be very useful indeed.

Preparing For Emergencies

It's all very well and good determining what the weather is going to do, and to say that there is a hurricane coming or that floods are likely, but you will also need to know what to do when bad weather is on its way. Again, statistics can play a part in this, and in preparing for emergencies in general.

Statistics can help to determine where the worst of the problem...

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