President Iohannis, in Iasi: Romanians and Romania need Unirii Motorway

President Klaus Iohannis, who participates on Friday in the events dedicated to the Unification of the Romanian Principalities in Iasi, conveyed to the governors that the Romanians and Romania need the Unirii (Union - ed.n.) Motorway, a 'project enshrined by law', which 'obliges 'the state to build a high-speed motorway over the Carpathians, thus uniting the historical provinces, the head of state emphasizing that without this motorway Moldova will not be able to recover the economic gap from the rest of the regions. "Because we are in Iasi, in the heart of Moldova, I send a strong signal to the governors: the Romanians and Romania need the Unirii Motorway, a project enshrined by law, which obliges the state to make a high-speed motorway over the Carpathians. The historical provinces, Moldova and Transylvania, must be united! Without this motorway, Moldova will not be able to recover the economic gap," the president affirmed. Klaus Iohannis brought to mind the historical events that took place in 1859 in Iasi and Bucharest - an act of great political ability, when the foundations of a modern state were laid. "For us, Romanians, nothing was easily and handily won in our past. It was the same in 1859, when the political situation of the Romanian principalities was extremely complicated, the tensions, political and social divisions, the internal and external obstacles were not lacking back then, either. However, despite all the challenges, the Romanians' solidarity and desire to unite represented an incredible force," said Iohannis. The Small Union is the cornerstone of today's modern and European Romania, he transmitted to those present at the events in Iasi, adding that modernization materialized in systemic reforms in the legal, administrative, economic and social fields, setting the groundwork for the Great Union in 1918. Today, the president further shows, as in 1859, politicians have to assume the role of reformers, politics needs brave people, those who consider that 'managing a city is an honorable mission'. "We need visionary, passionate, upstanding and trained politicians, who will put their patriotism in the service of the citizens, who will truly love their country and make it a normal Romania," Iohannis also communicated. Romanians expect high performing public institutions, with upstanding, professional, honest and open civil servants, modern transport infrastructure, safe and well-equipped hospitals, schools where children can be safe and where they can receive an education to the highest standards. "I am confident that the current Government fully understands the needs of the Romanians and will continue to take concrete measures to rectify all the crooked things. The first months have made it clear that the wishes of the people have been heard. In Parliament, however, the PSD [the Social Democratic Party] wants to block all reforms, which is why we need early elections. This is not a fad, but a pressing desire of the society for Romania to change for the better. The Romanians will vote again this year. I am convinced that through their choices they will demonstrate, again and again, that they no longer accepts superficial and poorly trained people in public positions. Those who pursue other purposes, those who will not rally to support honest reforms, for the benefit of the people, those who will try to undermine the fight against corruption will be automatically excluded from public affairs by citizens, by vote," said the head of state. He was booed by a group of participants in the events both upon arrival in the Unirii Square and while he was reading his speech. Around 8,000 people are attending on Friday the events organized by the local authorities in Unirii Square. Besides the speeches of the representatives of the state institutions, the manifestations also include a Te Deum and a blessing speech held by His Eminence, Teofan, Metropolitan Bishop of Moldavia and Bukovina together with His Eminence Joseph Iulif Paulet, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Iasi, a military parade, a traditional music concert, a memorial service officiated at the "Three Holy Hierarchs" Church, as well as the laying of wreaths and coronets at the tomb of Ruling Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza. AGERPRES (RO - author: Florin Marin, editor: Marius Fratila; EN - author/editor: Simona Iacob)

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