President Radev and his Wife Involved in a Huge Scandal (OVERVIEW)

The Prosecutor's Office has published recordings in which the commander of the Air Force and a man suspected to be Rumen Radev commented on a check by the CACIAF for the President's wife Desislava Radeva appointment as an Air Force PR years ago.

The Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Bulgaria suspect that the collected data has a high degree of probability of President Rumen Radev's involvement in criminal activity, the press center of the institution has announced.

Earlier, Bulgaria's Chief Prosecutor, Ivan Geshev, has asked the Constitutional court to interpret the constitution's provision on the immunity of the President and Vice President.

Article 103 of the Constitution states that the President and the Vice President shall not incur liability for any actions performed in the discharge of the functions thereof, with the exception of high treason and violation of the Constitution. According to it, they also cannot be detained and cannot be prosecuted.

The Chief Prosecutor said that the interpretation of the meaning of the provision of Art. 103 is necessary because the norm is laconic and does not give an unambiguous answer to the question posed by this request, the Prosecutor's office said on January 27.

There is a need for interpretation in order to avoid contradictory application of this constitutional provision and to prevent adverse effects on the national legal system. In view of this, there is a need for a formal interpretation of the provision of Art. 103, para 1 and clarifying the meaning of the concepts "high treason" and "violation of the Constitution", as well as the following issues:

- Does the notion of "high treason" overlap with the criminal offences under Section I "Treason" of Chapter One "Offences...

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