Defense Minister Karakachanov: Politics Shouldn't be Involved in the Activity of the Army

The Bulgarian army should not be used for political purposes, this country's Minister of Defense Krasimir Karakachanov said, BNR reported.

In the past two years and nine months when I have been serving as Defense Minister I have not allowed myself to involve politics in the activity of the army, Minister Karakachanov further said. Krasimir Karakachanov's appeal came after President Radev, who is former Commander of the Bulgarian Air Forces, announced that he was withdrawing his confidence in the Bulgarian government.

Shortly before the sharp reaction of the Bulgarian head of state, the Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office released wiretaps between Radev and the current Chief of Bulgaria's Air Forces Major General Tsanko Stoykov.  

They were discussing a request from the anti-corruption body for documents related to the appointment of a civilian PR officer for the Bulgarian Air Force in 2014 who subsequently became Radev's wife. 

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