Quake survivor feline Toros takes to Twitter

Earthquake victim cat Toros, who survived the recent 6.8-magnitude tremor in Turkey's eastern province of Elazığ on Jan. 24, now has a new home in the Mediterranean province of Antalya, and a Twitter account.

"I've heard that some of you are curious about me. Don't worry, I was away for a while for my treatment. We have already started working for your little friends with our mayor in Antalya.
Keep on following for the first-hand updates of our animal-friendly projects," read a post from the Twitter account @toros_kedi, meaning "Toros Cat" in Turkish with a reference to the Taurus mountain complex separating the Mediterranean coast from the central Anatolian Plateau.

A picture showing wounded Toros near a building wreckage had been one of the most-shared ones on social media about the Elazığ earthquake, which killed more than 40 people and injured over 1,600 others.

After being saved by firefighters and adopted by Antalya Mayor Muhittin Böcek, Toros was checked by veterinarians for slight body injuries and respiratory problems.

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