Weather Forecast: Cloudy and Windy

It will be cloudy and windy today. It will be raining, in the Pre-Balkans and the high fields of Western Bulgaria snowing, but with the temperature drop by the end of the day and overnight, the rain throughout the country will turn to snow. Significant snowfall expected in the Rhodope Mountains, on Wednesday night in the Pre-Balkans and northeastern Bulgaria, as well.

There will be moderate to strong northwest winds, which at the end of the day in eastern Bulgaria will start blowing from the north and will increase in the northeast areas. Blizzards and snowdrifts expected. By 2:00 pm temperatures will drop to 2C and 7C. Atmospheric pressure is rising but will remain below the average for the month.

This is the the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) weather forecast.

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