Crisis has hurt small business

A significant number of entrepreneurs in retail commerce were forced to become employees in the years of the financial crisis, as the reduction in demand - and consequently in sales and profits - resulted in many company closures.

A great deal of former owners of small commercial enterprises who did not go on to launch a new business, or were unable to retire, sought work as salary workers in the same sector. Some who were close to retirement resorted to part-time or temporary employment in order to secure the necessary number of days worked to be able to qualify for a full pension.

According to the annual report by the Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Enterprises (ESEE), the number of people employed in retail commerce dropped from 569,239 in 2009 to 508,009 in 2019 - i.e. a 10.75 percent reduction. At the peak of the crisis in 2012, the number of those...

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