Bulgaria is among the Countries with the largest Drop in Energy CO2 Emissions

Bulgaria is among the countries with the largest drop in energy CO2 emissions compared to the 1990 baseline.

And according to Eurostat data for 2018, the most significant decline in carbon emissions was reported in Portugal (down 9.0%), followed by Bulgaria (down 8.1%) and Ireland (6.8%).

Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania and Latvia appear to have already met the EU average target of -40% by 2030.

This means that Bulgaria can safely maintain all its TPPs by 2030 and to develop without exceeding the EU average target, according to one of Bulgaria's leading environmental experts, Boyan Rashev.

The UK is the only major EU country with a really significant reduction of -36%.

For 30 years, the EU has managed to reduce its CO2 emissions by around 22%. The Union pledges to reduce its emissions by another 8% in 10 years. The greenest, and wealthiest countries in Europe Norway, Austria, the Netherlands have increased their CO2 emissions since 1990.

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