Confidence in Bulgarian E-Shops has Increased in 2019

Confidence in Bulgarian online stores has increased over the past year, according to a survey by the largest hosting company, SuperHosting.BG. The number of platforms for online stores is also increasing. E-commerce continues to be the most dynamic form of online business in the past year, and the number of projects is increasing, despite the introduction of a number of new regulations affecting the industry.

These findings are also backed up by a survey which was conducted by the Bulgarian E-Commerce Association (BEA).

According to the study most of the Bulgarians (88.1%) mostly trust local online retailers, followed by stores in the European Union (41.8%) and third-country stores (19.1%). According to the same survey, the growth of the B2C (business to consumer) online market is expected to reach about 30% compared to 2018, to a volume of EUR 895 million.

What to expect for 2020?

According to Tsvetelina Nenkova, Marketing Manager of SuperHosting.BG, the upward trend in e-shops will only intensify in the new year, as more and more Bulgarians who have not yet shopped online are beginning to do so. In addition, according to BEA data, 31% of online users, or more than 20% of the total population of Bulgaria, have turned online shopping into a habit.

Which goods are most sought after online?

The most ordered things online continue to be clothing and sports goods (76.4%), followed by home goods like furniture and toys (35.3%), as well as hotel reservations and the purchase of online travel packages (20.7%).

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