Pro Romania deputy Mihaela Hunca demands medical offices in all educational units

Pro Romania deputy Mihaela Hunca told a press conference on Friday that medical offices need to be set up in all educational units with legal personality in the country in order to prevent the spread of diseases among students. The Pro Romania MP called on the Health and on the Education Ministry to identify solutions to solve this problem amid the alarming increase in the number of flu cases and viral respiratory tract infections. "The children are sent to school and the parents are told not to worry because triage is done every day and the sick kids are sent home, while the healthy ones attend classes. The school triage is a good measure that can prevent the spread of viruses, but unfortunately, due to the absence of school medical offices and medical professionals, the teaching staff perform the triage at the instruction of the Health Ministry, the Education Ministry, or the local relevant authorities. But as we know well, the teachers are not trained to perform epidemiological screening. At the very best they can assist with this activity. In this period we see that the number of flu cases growing day by day, and the specialized authorities are not capable of taking measures against the transmission of viruses. What are we talking about? About the Health Ministry's incompetence in stepping in with proper measures in this crisis situation," Hunca said. The deputy argued that the very few existing school medical offices cannot cope with the large number of children affected by the disease. Mihaela Hunca considers that last year's budget allocations for the financing of political parties could have solved both the problem of equipping the school medical offices and the pay of the specialist personnel. AGERPRES (RO - author: Cristian Lupascu, editor: George Onea; EN - author: Simona Klodnischi, editor: Simona Iacob)

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