"People are resurrected"

He stated that the position of the Episcopal Council, the clergy, the faithful and the citizens who participate in the liturgies in that country is to go all the way till the goal is achieved, and that is - the "victory of Christ".
Amfilohije, in an interview with "Novosti", however, warns that "the regime shows such stubbornness and aggression" that he has the impression that it would not shy away from the use of violence and said that "everything the regime does is based on lies."
"There is no withdrawal, no return. Our people - from child to old man - have returned to themselves, and that energy is unstoppable", Amfilohije said in protest against the Law on Religious Freedom in Montenegro.
Recalling that Montenegro has experienced fratricide several times in its history, he stated that he is concerned that he recognizes the roots of this in the actions of the current Montenegrin government.
"The liturgies are peaceful, and the people taking part in them show extreme love, tolerance and reconciliation. I see the danger of conflict in the announced withdrawal of police, possible provocations, incidents... The regime shows so much stubbornness and aggression that I have the impression that it would not shy away from deployment of violence. We will do everything to avoid that", he notes.
He adds that "everything the regime does is based on lies."
"They annulled the decisions of the Podgorica Assembly, even though the vast majority of Montenegrins of that time were in favor of joining the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. They interpret it today as the disappearance of Montenegro, although they forget that Serbia then disappeared, or lost its name, not just Montenegro", Amfilohije points out.
He also points out that the...

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