EC: Robots can be Used to Create Fake News

Artificial intelligence may be used to create fake news. This was stated today by Vice-President of the European Commission Margrethe Vestager when presenting the Commission's proposals in the field of digitization.

According to her, the EC wants to hear as many opinions as possible before making any further legislative changes related to the development of smart machines. According to Vestager, AI can be safely applied in many areas of life, such as in employment evaluations, energy, public order monitoring. She noted that in areas such as health care, where a machine error can have serious consequences, it is appropriate that the person always has the last word.

"We want every citizen, every employee, every business to stand a fair chance to reap the benefits of digitalisation. Whether that means driving more safely or polluting less thanks to connected cars; or even saving lives with AI-driven medical imagery that allows doctors to detect diseases earlier than ever before." Vestager said.

Vestager explained that, for example, in healthcare, AI can be quietly used to save hours for examinations, but not for operations. Therefore, the EU foresees experts to decide in advance on the use of AI in sensitive areas.

She added that it would be appropriate for people to know when communicating with a machine in the future. According to her, in order to avoid misunderstandings in the behavior of machines, the creative teams for writing codes for their work should be of more diverse origin.

Commissioner for Internal Market,Thierry Breton, said: "Our society is generating a huge wave of industrial and public data, which will transform the way we produce, consume and live. I want European businesses and our many SMEs to access this data...

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