Newborn infant found in garbage truck in Istanbul

Garbage collectors in Istanbul's Şişli district were deeply shocked when they heard a baby crying in the hopper of the truck on Feb. 20.

The newborn baby was put inside a bag with a pin on her navel cord. Garbage collectors rushed the baby to the nearest polyclinic in Kuştepe neighborhood. After being cleaned and fed with milk, she was sent to the Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital.

"When we lifted a container, we heard a baby crying. But we couldn't understand where the crying sound was coming from. We searched inside of the truck. We couldn't find her. Then, we saw a head on the bin tipper. It was the head a newborn baby. She was in a bag," said garbage collector Bülent Gürlevük.

Fortunately, she was not hurt, he added.

"There was another full container over there while we were going uphill. Thank goodness, we hadn't dumped it before noticing the baby. Otherwise, she wouldn't be alive now," said another garbage collector Ferdi Karaçil.

Police have launched an investigation to find those who left the baby in the garbage bin.


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