The ultimatum "we cannot accept, but we must not refuse": Kosovo in exchange for EU

"We can help and tell you what turned out to be the most effective weapon in the conflict in Syria, buy Pantsir S1," said Aleksandar Vucic.
Asked how he commented on a statement by former U.S. Army Commander-in-Chief in Europe, General Frederick Ben Hodges, who inquired after the first two of a total of six Russian anti-aircraft defense systems Pantsir S-1 Serbia ordered from Moscow arrived to Serbia on Saturday, why Serbia needed to defend itself, Vucic said he respected him and thanked him for his advice, but we will continue to do what is best for our country, adding:
"There is no one or few who want to see Serbia stronger and stronger than it is today, and there are many who would like to see us destroyed and weak."
On the occasion of the arrival of the first two of a total of six Russian anti-aircraft defense systems Pantsir-S1, he said that these were expensive but extremely valuable weapons. Many said "what these expensive machines will do to us" and added that they are much expensive but extremely valuable.
He said that Chief of General Staff Milan Mojsilovic had told him that Serbia was much stronger today and thanked him for acquiring Pantsir-S1. "We have found the money without jeopardizing economic growth, the fact that Serbia is by far the best growing economy in the region," he said.
He said that Serbia has been able to drastically raise its military capacities over the last 5 to 6 years.
"This anti-aircraft system is remarkable for fighting drones that become the essence of wars in the modern world". The Pantsir S1 "is effective against killer drones, cruise missiles, low-flying planes and helicopters", he added.

"Serbia has never interfered"

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said today that...

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