Vucic: The boycott will fail

Vucic added that this would deny citizens the right to political representation.
At the same time, Vucic states that he is convinced that the boycott will fail and that he expects a large turnout.
Vucic estimates that genuine Serb opposition voters may be denied their basic democratic right to political representation and de facto disenfranchised by several unelected individuals who claim to represent them.
President of Serbia in the text estimates that the threat of boycott was never related to the electoral process, but that it was always about the fear of the opposition leaders to deal fairly and transparently with the electorate. These self-proclaimed opposition leaders used a boycott to try to delegitimize the April elections and the next government, Vucic said.
"It will not work. We are convinced that the citizens of Serbia will see what the calls for a boycott are. The only significant boycott could be a boycott of elections by Serbian citizens, not leaders without supporters," Vucic said.
He pointed out that the expected high voter turnout would confirm the election and discredit those calling for a boycott. Vucic said that parties advocating the boycott failed to clear the hearts and minds of voters, and that the SNS-led government, which is ready to face the electorate in free and fair elections, succeeded.
The president said that under the current government, Serbia has a strong economy with a GDP growth amounting to four percent, that it is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, with unemployment falling below ten percent from 25 percent left by the previous government. Public debt is steadily declining, with investments, including foreign ones, on record highs, while wages and pensions are higher than ever....

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