Summer course shows teachers how to make physics kid-friendly

How would you feel if your 12-year-old started doing physics experiments at home in the kitchen? Assuming their teachers have participated in the Playing with Protons course at CERN, they'd know exactly what they were doing. But what exactly is this course?

Every summer for the past five years, the Playing with Protons initiative has been inviting 10 primary school teachers to the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva to introduce them to ways of teaching cutting-edge science to students aged 10 and above. The course is supported by the EU-funded projects Open Schools for Open Societies, Frontiers, and Reinforce. Dr Angelos Alexopoulos and Dr Stephanos Cherouvis, who are in charge of the coordination and implementation of the course, explained this fascinating initiative to Kathimerini.

"We started this initiative precisely because we want to...

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