The state that recognized Kosovo's independence among the first, revoked recognition

The agency said it was announced by Serbian Foreign Affairs Minister Ivica Dacic, who is on an official visit to the country.
Yesterday, Serbian President indicated that another withdrawal of Kosovo's recognition of independence was soon to follow, saying in Washington that "new withdrawals of Kosovo's recognition are expected in the next few days."
Sierra Leone, located in West Africa on the Atlantic coast, presents the 18th country to withdraw recognition of Kosovo as an independent state.
"It is with particular pleasure that I can show a note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stating that Sierra Leone is withdrawing recognition of Kosovo as an independent state and will respect the results of the dialogue, with the mediation of the EU and the UN," Dacic told Tanjug.
The head of Serbian diplomacy says that currently, out of 193 UN member states, 92 countries recognize Kosovo as an independent country, while 96 countries do not recognize Kosovo, with five countries showing "a fluid stand", i.e. mostly recognize Kosovo, but no longer vote for Kosovo.
"This means that Kosovo no longer has a majority in the UN," Dacic told Tanjug. He stated that this "derecognition" of Kosovo's independence was of particular importance to Belgrade and recalled that Sierra Leone was among the first countries to recognize Kosovo's independence back in 2008.
Dacic said he had successful talks with the President of the Republic in its capital Freetown, when it was agreed that bilateral relations, which had been stalled for years, be improved.
"The President of Sierra Leone has instructed the Foreign Ministry to reconsider its position on Kosovo's recognition," Dacic said.
Dacic also said that the visit of President of Sierra Leone to...

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