Vucic and Thaci were presented with the draft of final agreement in the White House

According to media reports, the agreement has two options, border correction or Community Plus, with Serbia's specific demands - an option that, according to their sources, is favored by US intermediaries, "Bota Sot" stated.
The media said that other details from the Washington meeting say that this negotiation phase will be dynamic, similar to Rambouillet, where the parties will only be offered two options, with "take it or leave it" note, which is contrary to the Vienna negotiations, which lasted for around two years.
"Bota Sot" writes that Border Correction or Community Plus presented the two options offered at the first meeting held two days ago in Washington DC, attended by Kosovo President Hashim Thaci and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.
According to them, it is not required from Serbia to stop the campaign of Kosovo derecognition by June this year. Also, June 2020 is the deadline for reaching an agreement between Kosovo and Serbia.
The format for discussing the final agreement will be realized with the participation of the Presidents, with the teams of their choice. The parties were also offered the opportunity to meet with U.S. President Donald Trump, but this has been delayed for later stage, when the parties will be closer to reaching an agreement, "Bota Sot" reports.
Pristina based daily states that Thaci and Vucic were told on the meeting that "United States will impose multiple sanctions to the parties that refuse to sign the agreement."
"Bota Sot" said that Kosovo President Hashim Thaci told a Washington press conference today that "the White House meeting presents a dramatic turn".
He said that "America has finally taken over the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia" and that "it wants to end it in the...

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