Empowering the women of Moria

On this International Women's Day I'm thinking about the thousands of women at Moria who struggle every day against the odds to stay healthy, feed their children, keep their dignity and survive to see a better day.

For two weeks in February, I spent each day with a group of 10 women from Moria, who would travel to Mytilini for a project to help empower them with the digital skills to tell their own stories. The idea is not only to help them cope with their current situation through storytelling, but to learn a marketable skill they can use, once they have found a new home, in a new land.

Through the Azadi ("freedom") Project, they recounted their harrowing experiences from childhood to Turkey; and from Turkey across the Aegean and over to Lesvos Island. Turkey serves as the border - both figuratively and practically - that separates their lives from what came before...

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