Ankara raises heat over land, sea

Ankara on Wednesday ramped up tensions with Greece on both land and sea, with Turkey's special forces firing shots over a military vehicle stationed on the Greek side of the border at Evros, a pair of F-16 fighter jets violating Greece's airspace over the northern part of the border, and a Turkish vessel ramming a Hellenic Coast Guard boat off the eastern Aegean island of Kos. 

What's more, Turkey issued a navigational telex reserving parts of the Aegean for large-scale military exercises. 

In response, the Greek Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish Ambassador in Athens, Burak Ozugergin. 

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry condemned Turkey's "unacceptable and condemnable actions and deplorable statements" that came however "as no surprise." 

"They are a continuation of an escalation that sets Turkey not only beyond European limits, but also beyond any...

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