President Radev: We Have the Capacity and the Strength to Cope with the Spread of COVID-19

Public health starts with the care of the medical staff, Rumen Radev emphasized

We face a serious challenge as a society, economy and social life, but I am convinced that we also have the capacity and the strength to cope with the joint efforts of all. This was stated in Pleven by the Head of State Rumen Radev in response to questions from journalists about the measures taken to tackle the spread of COVID-19. The President held a meeting with Mayor George Spartansky and the municipal team, attended by the rector of the Medical University - Pleven, Prof. Dr. Slavcho Tomov, as well as the Deputy Executive Director of the University Hospital "Georgi Stranski" and chairman of the crisis headquarters of the hospital, at which The measures taken in Pleven to limit the spread of COVID-19 and to provide timely treatment as needed were discussed.

The president added that guidance has already been given by the National Operations Headquarters and the great challenge now is to translate these measures into real life. "Therefore, the huge burden is on the municipalities to find a balance - on the one hand, to preserve public health, and on the other, in no case to prevent paralysis of the economy and public life," Rumen Radev emphasized. The Head of State praised the measures taken in Pleven by mobilizing the entire medical potential of the Municipality, including the Medical University.

Do not turn politicians into doctors because they can give dangerous instructions or doctors to politicians, the president called, adding that the most important thing now is not to instill fear and panic, not to interrupt public life, nor production activity and paralyze the economy. In Pleven, Rumen Radev visited a high-tech enterprise and got acquainted on the spot...

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