"I do not rule out the possibility of introducing state of emergency, but ..." VIDEO

"The state of emergency involves complete isolation, and the question is how much time you can spend in complete isolation. That is why it should always be kept to the last, but the first necessary moment", Vucic says.
He states, however, that he does not rule out the possibility of introducing a state of emergency and adds that he knows what that means.
"I do not rule out the possibility, but the second when it is introduced, there are no more cafes, theaters, bars. Then the army goes to the streets, and others to the borders", Vucic said after the Crisis Staff meeting to eliminate the possible and harmful effects of the coronavirus to economy.
He added that the state of emergency is introduced by the procedure which prescribes sending a letter to the President of the state that the security of citizens was threatened.
"It goes further into the National Assembly, but given the ban on gathering more than 100 people indoors, it is possible for the President of the Republic, the Prime Ministers of Serbia and the Assembly to introduce a state of emergency with a triple signature," Vucic said.
He announced that a call will be made today to retired doctors in Serbia to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.
"When that larger number of infected people come to us, and the present state of affairs is, conditionally speaking, nothing, given the crisis that is going to affect us, we have to be prepared for something much more difficult. This is the most difficult challenge for us in the last few decades because we cannot count on anyone's assistance, and that is why we need to take care of ourselves. Everyone in the world is in a panic and in a worse condition than we are", Vucic said, adding that more measures would be taken to combat...

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