Nilima Bhat: A woman has a power to give life and to take it

You are not just an experienced business woman on corporate communications and public relations, but also a charismatic speaker, coach, choreographer, yoga teacher, singer, dancer. Could you describe yourself with just one word?

NB: One word? 'Yogini'! (Yoga master and spiritual teacher)

With husband Vijay you are married for more than thirty years. Sometimes illness, ours or of our loved ones, totally changes our perspective on what is really important in life. Can you say that happened with you also when your husband got very sick with cancer? 

NB: It is 18 years since his diagnosis and surgery for colon cancer. My life changed completely as he had to give up his global expatriate job with a leading advertising agency and travelling around the world. We had to return to India for him to recover his health. I became a full...

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