Terna Energy acquires Evia wind parks

Terna Energy has completed the acquisition of the RF Energy Omalies SA wind power company in a move that signals a new generation of investments in both the sector of renewable energy sources and the energy sector in general.

The listed subsidiary of the GEK Terna group announced the acquisition of RF Energy Omalies on Monday, taking its investment program to over 550 million euros, as it will now incorporate the new wind parks the acquired company has planned for Evia.

The enterprise Terna Energy has bought was a subsidiary of RF Energy, which is a joint venture of the Restis family and Giorgos Feidakis' FG Europe. It owns a portfolio of 11 wind parks as well as a binding offer for connection with the national grid. RF Energy Omalies has also submitted applications to the Regulatory Authority for Energy for an additional 45 megawatts of installed power, and has...

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