Vucic: We have 9 people on a respirator, the hardest night for us is over VIDEO

Vucic thanked for the attention and respect of Norway towards Serbia and the love they show for our people. "Thanks for the money," Vucic said, adding that 5 million euros of Norwegian aid would be used for medical purposes.
"Thank you very much for helping us find more clinical respirators. We are working to resolve these issues," Vucic said.
He added that we had nine people on the respirator and that this was the hardest night for us and warned that "more difficult nights are ahead of us."
According to him, he hopes Norway will manage to provide dozens of respirators for Serbia.
"My job and all of us in the country is to save people's lives," he said, adding that it doesn't matter if people get angry over drastic measures.
President Vucic thanked Norway for its hard work and support.
"It is very important that Norway, which was threatened by the coronavirus attack, has found the will and strength to help Serbia," Vucic said.

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