"Don't come to Serbia unless you have to. Everyone who comes, goes to Morovic" VIDEO

Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic told TV Prva that the government is prioritizing arrivals. Among those waiting to return, there are tourists, students, those working abroad, as well as those who have been treated abroad.
"It is already clear to everyone that the decision will be strict and that everyone has to abide; anyone who comes must be in quarantine for 14 or 28 days. There is no possibility of this measure being violated. This is the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior," Dacic said.
He said that "there are cases where we are trying to help. The Government of Serbia, in agreement with the President, make records of all the people who are trapped somewhere. The priorities are children, students, as well as sick people who have been treated abroad and some who are on business trips. Tourists are at the end of the list", Dacic said.
"We are working on this, in cooperation with the Cabinet of the President and the Prime Minister. There are various cases, we need not give false hope that the Government will send a plane to Peru. So, they have to get to Europe somehow. A flight to New York for students will be organized who are studying there. The company from Qatar is offering to take the passengers who found themselves in Doha. As for Cuba, the passengers will have to reach Moscow, and we will take them from there", Foreign Minister explained.
He added that major message to the citizens is not to come unless they have to.
"There are also about a hundred people who want to come to Serbia from Italy. The advice is: Don't come," Dacic said.
"Italy is like Wuhan at the moment. It is a big risk and if they come, they will be in heavy quarantine for 28 days," he added.

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