Drastic rise: Over 45,000 cases of coronavirus patients in the United States

On Monday, 2,411 cases were registered, and now a total of 46,154 are registered.
The number of deaths increased to 29 during the day.
The United States has thus surpassed Spain by number of cases, but this European country has a problem with the high number of deaths, currently at 2.311.
What has attracted attention in the US is the case of a 12-year-old girl who is suffering from a coronavirus and is on respirator due to a serious condition.
According to CNN, referring to her cousin Justin Anthony, Emmy was diagnosed with pneumonia on March 15, and her test results on Friday showed her to be positive for the virus.
She has been on a respirator since Saturday and her condition is currently stable, Anthony added.
The United States last week decided to close its borders with Canada.
There are currently over 380,000 infected worldwide.
China is still the first country in registered cases, but Italy surpassed the country of origin a few days ago in terms of death rate.
In Serbia, 249 are infected with coronavirus, and three deaths have been reported.

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