"Medical experts selected Belgrade Fair for Temporary Hospital" VIDEO

Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar said in the last 24 hours in Serbia, 94 people were tested, 54 tested positive, out of which 27 were kept in hospital.
"We have 21 patients who are on a respirator and they are with serious illnesses, which consider are at risk," Loncar said at a news conference at the Serbian government.
Loncar stated that eight respiratory patients were at the Infectious Disease Clinic in Belgrade, five in Nis, four in Novi Sad and Kragujevac respectively.
"The new method of combating coronavirus means that we will have more people tested. There will be one facility where the X-ray machine will be located and where all patients designated to be tested will come," he said.
Loncar added that the strategy would begin within two days.
According to him, Chinese experts have chosen the Belgrade Fair as a temporary hospital for the treatment of coronavirus-infected patients from all locations in Serbia.
"They chose the Belgrade Fair for control, because something has to be controlled. There must be separate entrances for patients, for doctors, nurses, medical staff, there must be some other factors that must be met to make it absolutely safe", he said. He added that it would take 48 hours to prepare it all and noted that he would accept and implement whatever the profession says.
He stated that the competent will implement and obey what the profession determines and recommends.
"I understand that someone does not like it, but I ask everyone to understand that in the situation we are in, we do not have much choice, we have to listen to the profession in order to be able to cope with the coronavirus," Loncar said.
The Minister confirmed that Chinese experts have assessed that VMA is not suitable for the...

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