The NBA Playoffs and Player Comebacks

When it comes to sporting events, all is up in smoke, or shall we say all up in the air. This is the current situation worldwide, and unfortunately the fate of the NBA playoffs is still to be established. Whilst we all hope that all the games will resume with playoffs being played in June 2020, we are still not sure. If this will indeed happen, there will be no fans supporting the games, no cheers from the stands. The less people the better. The National Basketball Association has still to advise the next steps, and with a global pandemic crushing the world, it is still early days to talk about June sporting events.

The truth is, if the NBA opts to have the playoffs in June, they will be a mere sight, and a much different playoffs than the ones that we have cheered on and enjoyed in the past years. We were hoping that the June playoffs would be some of the most interesting ones in years. With the Lakers still mourning the passing of legend Kobe Bryant, and new players taking the field, we were set to witness NBA greatness. Yet, the China born coronavirus has forced the 'load-management' where players' wellbeing is the prime interest. Especially hoping that everyone will be well and good for the June playoffs.

What is load management anyways? In simple terms, it is giving all NBA player a much-needed break that could last between a week up to a whole month off. Will this help the NBA? For sure. The NBA is not just an American pillar in sports, it is a worldwide phenomenon that we all love. The load management framework will build anticipation, hype and we will see more fans and gamblers heading to bookmakers to gamble on their go to team, their favorite player, and who will be scoring the next points. ESPN which is one of the biggest and leading...

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