China Supplies Bulgaria with Respirators and Masks for nearly € 3 Million

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and members of the government held an extraordinary meeting today via videoconference. The cabinet approved a contract with the Chinese National Foreign Trade Pharmaceutical Corporation for the supply of personal protective equipment and medical equipment. According to the contract with funds provided under Operational Program "Regions in Growth", the Ministry of Health will purchase 1 176 770 pcs. protective masks worth EUR 1 412 124 and 50 respirators worth EUR 1 500 000.

The personal protective equipment, which will arrive under the agreement with the Chinese National Pharmaceutical Corporation for Foreign Trade, will be provided to the employees of the regional health inspections in the country, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence, Customs Agency, as well as employees of other institutions. working at border crossings. Respiratory care will be provided to healthcare facilities that provide treatment for patients with COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health expects the contract to be signed and the delivery to Bulgaria in a short time.

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